Cancer Care

“You have two options, medically and emotionally: give up or fight like hell.”

– Lance Armstrong

Why do you need us?

Many cancers are curable, but treatment does affect the patient's quality of life and impacts the family and other carers. With the right care and support, it is possible to smoothen the treatment experience for both the patient and family.

What Care24 Services Offer?

Care24 believes that finding expert nurses in Oncology should not be a hassle. Our Onco nurses have been carefully trained to tackle the challenges of cancer. They are ready to accompany you to preserve your quality of life and enhance your recovery.

Cancer Care

Supporting the fighters, Admiring the survivors and Honoring the Taken. And never Ever giving up Hope.

Cancer patients have very specific needs for recovery and care - be it supportive care, rehabilitative care or palliative care that only experienced Oncology professionals can provide.

Care24 nurses understand these problems and are equipped to provide the right form of Cancer Care.

Care24 provides palliative nursing for pain alleviation and management of side effects to improve comfort and quality of life, during tumor treatment or at an end of life situation when cancer has spread.

Care24 brings you proper treatment and management of surgical wounds, skin graft, vascular ulcers, decubitus ulcers, diabetic ulcers and infected wounds.

Care24 oncology nurses are trained professionally to take care of all your central venous access related needs like dressing and flushing.

At Care24 we have well-experienced oncology nurses to take care of all your IV port related needs like drug administration and flushing.

Care24 rehabilitation nursing encourages patients in achieving and maintaining maximum functions while adapting to an altered lifestyle by providing a healing environment right at home.

Care24 provides barrier nursing services for the immunocompromised clients to prevent cross infection from an environment to patient. It uses specially designed techniques approved by Center for Disease Control.

Care24 nurses take care of all the specific issues of each type of cancer - from colostomy care to respiratory assistance and oral cancer management to jejunostomy care.

Care24 psychological support helps you in identifying mental health imbalance, and delivery of underlying stress. With the right anxiety management techniques and diversion therapies, it further helps you to accept and cope with cancer.

Cancer Coaching

Cancer affects all of us, whether you're a mother, daughter, son, brother, friend, coworker or doctor - Not just the patient.

Care24 has developed a Cancer Coaching program to accompany the patient and his family during the journey. Through one-on-one interactions and technology tools, the Coach makes sure the whole treatment experience happens as smoothly as possible and limits the impact on daily life.

What Care24 Cancer Coaches do?

Anticipation of typical side effects in the patient, explanation of basic side effect management techniques and coordination with the doctors in case of critical side effects.

Understand the diagnosis and explain the results and treatment in simple words

Help the patient in making realistic lifestyle change decisions according to the advised treatment - professional activity, family outings, social events and more. Impart simple nutrition advice & basic physical exercises and equipment recommendations.

Suggest simple relaxation techniques. Assess, reassure and guide to the right persons to get answers.

Ensure that the patient is following the prescribed treatment on time.

Make a personal assessment of the patient, Brainstorm about the patient worries and lack of understanding. Suggest the right questions to be asked to the consulting doctors in short span of time

Save the time and stress of the patient. Help in researching informed answers to specific medical and non medical questions for him/her.

Information on financing options, advice on existing support groups and other cancer help institutions and help with family visits.

Help the patient get in touch with individuals who have survived Cancer and get help from them.