How this works

Fill up the booking form on website.

Our team will first speak to or visit the patients to collect information about patient’s medical history and requirements

Based on the details collected, a doctor and/or nurse will be assigned to the patient to cater to the health care needs.

The assigned doctor will meet the patient to observe, understand and record health, lifestyle and medical needs

The doctor prescribes the extent of care & support required for the patient. This includes the time period and extent of medical, dietary and therapeutic care required as well as the subscription plan

The decision-maker confirms the treatment and subscription plan. Based on that, the doctor will finalize care plan, support & check-ups.

The doctor and the nurse will visit the patient as per the fixed plan. Every visit will include regular check-ups, treatment reviews, and any further recommendations in treatment if needed.

Everything about medical health of your loved ones will be reported back to you, on your preferred communication channel.

Need more details?

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