Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Care 24?

We are the biggest home health care providers in Mumbai possessing a team of expert and qualified nutritionists, physiotherapists and attendants. A goal oriented approach, regular follow ups, 24*7 customer support makes us unique. We not only help you with your weight management/health issues, but also help you slowly and gradually form a healthy eating pattern and lifestyle for life.

Q. What are the features of our Nutrition Counselling?

The first session will be a video call with the assigned nutritionist. You can follow up with the nutritionist over the week via chats / sms.

Q. What kind of specialists do you have/ what kind of goals can be addressed ?

Issues like Weight loss, weight gain, skin care, pregnancy care, pediatric dietitian, sports nutrition, hypertension management, diabetes management or any other health condition you might have, can be addressed.

Q. Will I be able to brief the nutritionist regarding my requirements (weight loss/ weight gain) before the video call?

Yes, the nutritionist will connect with you and will ask you to fill some forms which you will get over email. This will help the nutritionist help you better, also if there is anything more you need to inform them , you can always do over the phone.

Q. How will nutrition Counselling over a video call help me?

For one it is convenient and saves time, secondly you have a virtual consultation, as though you were having a face to face with the nutritionist at your home, or wherever you are as per your availability and convenience.

Q. Do I have to make an online payment before the session?


Q. Can I talk to the nutritionist before making payment?

Yes, if you need to have a chat with our nutritionist, before making the payment, request for a call back on our website or give us a call on 022-338 6060.

Q. Will I be consulted before a nutritionist is assigned to me?

Yes, we will send you an email with the nutritionist profile, and an appointment will be confirmed, only after you approve.

Q. Will I be consulted before scheduling my appointment?

Yes, after we receive your payment, we will give you a call to ask for your availability, and will book the appointment as per your convenience.

Q. Can I reschedule my appointment?

We would prefer that there are no changes in the appointment, as it will be booked only after your confirmation, but if you do need to reschedule, you can reach out to us, and we would assist you with it.

Q. How will I get my diet chart?

A detailed diet chart will be sent to you over your email, after your session.

Q. Can I talk to my nutritionist other than the video call/home visit?

You will have constant support of your nutritionist over phone or text throughout the week, if you have any doubts.

Q. How will Physiotherapy with Nutritional Counselling help me?

Regular exercise combined with eating right food can have far better and faster results as compared to doing them in isolation. Our team of nutritionist and physiotherapist will provide personalised diet plan and exercise regimen to help you get the benefits of this synergy.

Q. Can I change my nutritionist/physiotherapist after the first session?

We would provide you with experienced professionals, who have specialization in helping clients as per your health goals. In case you aren't satisfied after the first session, you can always get in touch with us, and we would definitely help you with it.

Q. What Should I do in case the Nutritionist/Physiotherapist doesn't show up for the appointment?

This never happens, but in the rare case this does, you will have their contact details, and in case you don't get any response, you can reach out to Care24 team and we'll make sure, your sessions happen as per the appointments.

If Still in Doubt , Request a Callback