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Old Age Homes in Mumbai

Why you may need to enroll your elderly loved one in an old age home

With the breakdown of the classic Indian joint family and change in overall family values, our senior citizens are often left lonely and unattended in the ripe years of their life. With growing financial responsibilities and a fast paced lifestyle, it often becomes difficult to spend enough time with the senior members of the family or be present to cater to emergencies or daily care needs.
Old age homes are ideal places for those who are alone in their senior years, may be depressed and suffering from health concerns, as well as face safety risks as a result of staying alone.
In addition to the traditional old age homes that offer regular rooms and care facilities, along with some social activities, many modern senior homes are coming up that offer a fun and busy choice of life, especially after 60.  
Now, old age homes are not looked upon as places where you leave your senior loved ones and shrug off all responsibilities. Instead of being drab and lonely places, these are now considered a happy and healthy way for post-retirement seniors to interact with similarly aged people, make new friends and live a socially strong, active and healthy life. From settling in your loved one for a few days in the old age home while you may need to travel for work or personal reasons, to settling them in for a longer stay where you visit them regularly, there are many options you can choose from.
Even if your senior loved ones live with you at home, staying alone the entire day or just being with grandchildren can often lead to loneliness and depression, as they may not be able to connect with their own generation. This can lead to other health issues. In such a scenario, an old age home can be a good choice.

Top old age homes in Mumbai

Here is a list of some of the top old age homes in Mumbai.


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