Losing weight requires determination and a positive approach. Heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? Set your health mantra and strive to accomplish it one at a time. Keep focusing on your mantras like “I will resist junk food temptation” and chances are that you would make it a part of your healthy living.

Divide your day’s intake into 5-6 meals rather than filling up 3 times a day. This will help you get over the mid-meal binges and help you energize at regular intervals. Eat most of your carbs earlier in the day and keep your dinner light. Choose wisely and go for healthier options. It helps you to boost your metabolism, improves digestion and keeps energy levels high.


Document every morsel that you eat in a diary throughout the day. It helps you understand your dietary pattern and will make overcome your flaws. It is stunning how we eat out of boredom, emotions, cravings and socializing. Accounting all this will help you in attaining your health goals and maintaining a balanced diet.

Be at work, or at home, or commuting, we practically snack everywhere. Do not give into salty snacks, biscuits, crackers and soda. Snacking makes you consume extra calories and these high calorie-high fat foods do not give you satiety. Drink a glass of water and stay calm at such times. Choose wisely and consume fruits, vegetables, soups, fruit milkshakes etc.


The best exercise to lose weight is: “The exercise that you’ll do”. Basic concept of losing weight is to create an energy deficit. Get creative and pick an activity that you love. Choose a dance style, walk your dog, participate in aqua aerobics or take up yoga. Pick out these new exciting ways to shed it off and health up your happy hour.


It is never too late to realize and reverse your worse habits and aim towards a healthier lifestyle. Let it be smoking, drinking too much, over eating or a sedentary lifestyle, self realization and working towards reversal one step at a time can do you good.

Portions today are far bigger than in the past and we tend to consume more food as it is put in front of us. Foods come in super sized packages and are a source of temptation. Serve yourself smaller portions, read food labels carefully, use smaller plates, do not go for second servings and say no when required.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast can make you binge on food throughout the day, lethargic, crave for salty snacks, low on energy and cause indigestion. Consume a wholesome breakfast that comprises a source of carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals and fiber. A cereal, an egg preparation and a fruit can be ideal for you and it works magically.


People do not understand the importance of water and due to incorrect lifestyle practices, they do not consume the recommended daily intake. Water can work as a magic bullet and there is no diet that restricts water intake. Consider water as a nutrient that helps maintain the body fluids, control the calorie intake, energizing your muscles and in revitalising, controls bowel movements and keeps your skin glowing!


Socializing and eating out with family and friends causes a hedonic food expression and this way you get tempted and consume more than what is required. When on a diet spree, control eating out at fast food chains and restaurants. You can choose wisely and opt for salads without fancy dressings, fruit smoothies, sandwiches etc while you eat out.


Losing weight is not an overnight process and requires dedication and determination. Do not let the emotional weight of weight loss get in between you and your health goal. Enjoy and cherish the process of your transformation and do not beat yourself through it.


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